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Concerts – A Platform to Connect With Audiences

Concerts are a very effective way to promote music to the public. This live performance can be by a single musician, orchestra or a band. There are many venues where concerts can be held like nightclubs, auditoriums, halls, parks, stadiums

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Promote Concerts with Concert Promotion Book

Today concert promoters or tour promoters are instrumental in promoting concerts. It is the job of the promoters to hire a performer, finalize a venue, price the event, and make arrangements for transportation and media coverage. Media coverage means promoting

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Promotion Tips for Concerts

Promoting a concert today is done by skilled professionals called concert promoters or tour promoters. Concerts provide a great platform to artists to connect with their fans. There are many ways in which a concert can be promoted. Consideration for

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Make Your Career in the Concert and Event Industry with Concert Promoters Training

Concert promotion is an offbeat career that is gaining huge momentum. Concerts have become a normal part of life and this industry is growing at an exponential rate. People associate their lives with concerts. The concert and event industry is

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E-Book Now Available!

Due to overwhelming demand, we have created an E-Book version of the Concert Promoter handbook for our fans and friends. The journey to becoming a Concert Promoter can begin faster than ever! Check out our Courses page for more information.

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