Updated Concert Promoters Manual for 2016!

concert promoters coursesBetween promoting gigs for some of music’s hottest acts, Jack Spencer has been busy updating the definitive guide on how to be a Concert Promoter.

Now you can own the latest version. Be sure to check out the Concert Promoter Courses page and start your journey to become a Concert Promoter!

3 comments on “Updated Concert Promoters Manual for 2016!
  1. Please contact me ASAP. Thank you

  2. Ezra Styles says:

    Since the last time I ordered your promotion booklet, my family have been displace from the storm Harvey and the book I can no longer find it.
    I lost at lot in the process but I know I will bounce back.

    Please help me and resend me a digital copy of my order. I haven’t booked my first concert yet, but I will by the beginning of the first quarter next year. Thanks Jack and I look forward in hearing back from you.

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