Jack Spencer is available for on-site consulting or mentoring via live phone calls!!

Benefits of our Concert Promotion Consulting Services:

  • Let Jack consult with you for the proper purchasing and negotiations of your concert acts. Huge benefit!
  • One-on-One with Jack gives you optimal opportunity to increase your gross revenues for every concert event making you more $$ per show. Proper ticket pricing along with the proper percentage line item expenses will also be mentored by Jack.
  • One-on-One with Jack gives you extra chances to have the most of print and radio media dollars are taught and fully discussed.
  • Let Jack discuss with you the most up-to-date Concert sponsors and give you guidance and assistance to help you obtain sponsorship $$ to partially help cover your show cost and earn more bottom line on your Concerts.

Phone Consulting Services – Hourly rates

  • BASIC DEAL- $150.00 per hour with a 2 hour minimum.
  • BEST DEAL – Four (4) full hours for $500.00.

(Consulting time can be broken up into one hour segments and utilized for up to a four month period from date of purchase.)

On Site Consulting Services

Jack is available to consult with you on-site for your concert event and help professionally manage your event to help make it the success you want it to be.

Terms and fees of each on-site engagement to be discussed with Jack via e-mail or phone call (816-523-1618) to set up the consulting times for on-site consulting.

We look forward to serving you! Thank you!