E-Book Now Available!

Due to overwhelming demand, we have created an E-Book version of the Concert Promoter handbook for our fans and friends. The journey to becoming a Concert Promoter can begin faster than ever! Check out our Courses page for more information.

43 thoughts on “E-Book Now Available!”

  1. Jack, your Course gave me the courage to book my friend’s band at a big
    Club in Little Rock.. It did really well. Made some pretty good cash.

    I kind of knew what to do but your Course made me sure I was diong it right. I want to do more this fall.

    Thank you!
    Jamie, Little Rock

    1. Jamie, congrats to you! Keep the shows going.. fall and winter is a great time to book Clubs and Theaters….
      Glad I helped you achieve…

      Very Best, Jack Spencer

    2. Mr. Spencer, I purchased your Gold Concert Promotion Course three months ago and I have two Shows booked and one Show that I promoted two nights ago netted me $2,340. I’;m excited to do more.
      Thanks! Frank Sturgis Newmark, NJ

  2. Mr. Spencer, thanks for all your help with the Platinum Course from Concert Promoters. My first show is Oct. 8th and I’m really excited!

    Couldn’t have done it without you.

    Frank, Seattle.

    1. Frank, very cool! Hope your big show on the 8th is a good moneymaker! Keep me informed and I’m always there to help with a question or consult if you need one….

      Take care, Jack Spencer

  3. Jack, We have a very vibrant music scene up here in Burlington, Vt. area and I’ve been wanting to book Grace Potter and the Nocturals for a Event imy grad school has coming up…I’m a folk artist myself but want to do some promoting..

    Thanks for all your help getting it done!

    Very Sincerely, Anne D. Burlington, Vt. (came through Hurricane Irene OK!)

    1. Anne, I’m a huge fan of Grace Potter and her hot band. All the players are excellent and I love seeing a female bass player…. she rocks…
      I’m seen them three times in 2011 and am very impressed….as you know, we discussed how to make this show work well for you so please follow our Plan and make it a very successful show for your grad school.
      I’ll look forward to hearing the results…

      Any of you out there who needs help booking a show you want to, visit our site at http://www.concertpromoters.com and let’s help you get it done!

      Regards, Jack Spencer

  4. Dear Concert Promoters: Thanks for the help.. enjoyed the Course and now I’ll be promoting my own band better and getting us better exposure… .

    Cool, Chris from Chicago, Ill.

  5. Chris, thanks for your note. As many have found out, my Course can help you better book and manage your own band, whether it’s rock, heavy metal rock, country, christian or rap. I get these emails about once a week and I’m truly glad to have that be of help also! Getting booked and gigs at better places means more money for eveyone in the band….

    Sincerely, Jack Spencer

  6. Did anyone see Foo Fighters pre-concert show dressed up on a flatbed truck in Kansas City? I missed it but want to see a video of it. Was at the show but already inside.
    Sheila Columbia, Mo.

  7. Linda Hartman, Portland, Oregon

    Got the Silver Course in October and upgraded to Platinum this month for $100 for the additional Consult time with Jack Spencer. Thanks!!
    This is my Goal for 2012…. do this FULL TIME!

  8. I purchased the platinum course from my kindle and was not able to download the PDF to my device. What now? Will I be able to download it to my laptop at no additional cost or will I need to wait for paper copy?

  9. Brent, yes, you can Download the Course to Kindle plus for the Platinum Course, we mail you the hard paper copy of the Course complete with Consultation Coupons for your mentoring with Jack Spencer.

    Thanks! Vicki H. Business Mgr. Spencer Systems

  10. Thank you so much for having this Course available, I purchased the Platinum Course and got all the consultation from Jack Spencer and that helped me so much from making some stupid mistakes on bookings. Started in Oct. 2012 and now have my 3rd show coming up in March 3 at at 750 seat Club in Allentown, Pa. I’m almost sold out! I would recommend this Course to anyone in big cities or samller ones. Hope to go full-time in the biz by end of the year! Thx, Ernie Lomax

  11. Bought the Gold Course and got started in January. It’s pretty cool and thorough. My first show is going to be April 12 . Wish me a big turnout. Got a Christian band, sound & lights all for under $1,000 at a big all- age coffeehouse Tics are $12 and band is helping me sell them!! Peace, Maria

  12. Just bought it for my spring break recess to get into.

    Will tell u and give a review later.

    Stacey , Knoxville, Tn.

  13. i am working with some great minds in my country and would want to know how to make them a globally accepted brand through successful concert organization. please send me a copy of the e-book

    1. Peter, I sent you a complimentary ebook for your use.. Good luck with it and keep me informed on your progress! The economics of International concert promoting is very similar to US and European style…
      Sincerely, Jack Spencer

  14. Wondering if consulting and/or course would be a benefit for a high level of talent tribute band in Canada looking to promote and tour in US and Europe.

    Please advise

    1. KarolJean, yes, a very large segment of the concert business that is growing is the “Tribute Band” shows…some of these better Tribute Bands do very , very well financially and need traditional promoting skills. I would recommned you purchase the Platinum Course which has some excellent mentoring and consulting time with me at a very low price of $189. This time ramps you up nicely to handle all the issues that come up. Hope to see your order come in..

      Best Regards, Jack Spencer

  15. Jack, how has the Year been for independent promoters overall for 2013?
    I did less Shows this year in Phoenix area but did bigger ones so my overall profit is up.
    Thanks for the Mentoring and Consulting you did. Merry Christmas!

    Regards, Phil

    1. Phil, it was a very good year for Independent Concert Promoters….

      Seems like more shows were done in both secondary and primary markets. I’m hearing of good bottom lines on thoese shows and attendance of over 80% on most Events.

      2014 should be even stronger….

      Sincerely, Jack Spencer

  16. Well I ordered the kit and they promptly debt from my account but now the phone doesn’t work and I have emailed continuously but no one will return my calls I kind of think it’s going to be a scam don’t be like me and fall for it too

  17. So I got the ebook.. one question.. before anything.. I want to trademark some name I came up with so it represents me.. How can I do that? Who do I go with?

  18. Omar, that is very easy…..you just need to contact the State (usually the Secretary of State’s Office in your State Capital) and tell you you want the name “registered” in and you can buy the rights to the name for up to 1 year for as little as $30.
    You need to re-register the name every 11 months to keep it active. This can be done on the Sec. of State’s web site.
    If you are wanting to get a Federal Trademark for a name, you should contact a Attorney in your City who specializes in Trademark work. They can tell you how it is done and how much that may cost.
    Good luck with it. Jack Spencer

  19. Jory Gillespie

    My name is Jory Gillespie, I am business minded and an a creative artist. I love to expand my mind on different music. I’m am not just an one-theme artist. I’m looking for somebody to be a producer, or promoter. I have samples of songs I already created.

    Please contact me at 5128975211 or JoryMG@yahoo.com

    thank you,

    1. Al, thanks for your message and reaching out. To answer your question, yes, we discuss budgeting the proper amount of $$ to spend on radio, print, cable TV media and some social media in our Courses . We are currently expanding our Course this summer to include more social media marketing tips and how to find the right ad and social media agencies in each city to make that work

      The goal is to help you make that happen in the best cost- effective way to reach your target audience for each genre of music you are promoting. Bottom line, filling the house up with paying ticket buyers!

      Take care, Jack Spencer

    1. Al, for Club shows, I would advise to start out about 90-120 days out to book your act. For once a Year Festivals and larger Indoor Events with more capacity then 2500, start as early as you can…. even a full year out.

      Good luck!

      Happy Holidays! Jack Spencer.

  20. Bought the Silver Package in early January and just had a session with Jack Spencer.

    This is want I want to do in 2015! . Thank you!

    1. Lori, enjoyed talking to you about your Event this Fall.
      Have a great summer! Best Regards, Jack

  21. Just wondering does your courses show or tell you how to write up a business plan for lenders, if you need start up monies

    1. My Course does not show how to get start up money from Lenders. You shouldn’t need a lot of $$ if you start small and build it from there. I don’t recommend going out and booking a Dave Matthews Bank level act right away, however, you can certainly get to that point.

      Email me at js@concertpromoters.com and I’ll give you some one on one advise about the $$ side of funding concerts.

      Take good care, Jack Spencer

  22. My name is Ricky and me my partner are seriously thinking about getting into the industry. We. Would like some insight on how to start, do good marketing and of course what type of money it would take.

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