Make Your Career in the Concert and Event Industry with Concert Promoters Training

Concert promotion is an offbeat career that is gaining tremendous momentum. Concerts have become a regular part of life, and this industry is growing exponentially. People associate their lives with concerts. The concert and event industry is witnessing a boom, and consequently, there is a high demand for trained professionals who organize and manage concerts. Currently, there is a shortage of people in this industry and an increased gap between the need for trained professionals and the supply.

You can make a rocking career as a Concert Promoter if you have the passion and a little training. Acquiring training is not a nerve-wracking task. All you need is the dedication to learn the nitty-gritty of concert promotions and training help from Concert Promoters. We provide a concert promotion book that you can get from this website. We have a varied training manual that guides one very coherently and precisely about organizing and managing concerts. Apart from the book, we also provide concert promotion consulting services where one is assisted with the various parts of the concert service,s such as gaining sponsorship and increasing revenue. With our help, you can become a concert promoter within a very short period.

12 thoughts on “Make Your Career in the Concert and Event Industry with Concert Promoters Training”

  1. I’ve been contemplating for years doing this, and over the last few years, while attempting to make connections, and had opportunity to promote some still well known bands.

    I’m a real estate broker who only sometimes loves what I do. But my passion has always been music, and much within the context of live events.

    I just turned 60, and have little doubt that I can make this happen should I jump in, but need to be VERY confident that it’s a money maker.

    Advice? I’m all ears/eyes!!


    1. Mitch, thanks for checking in…no matter what age you are ( over 18) you can become a concert promoter. I always suggest that you start out small in your own area, booking some regional acts or good friends bands and seeing if you really enjoy the business. It can be very rewarding in many ways to see your successes building…

      Be glad to connect with you one on one to talk further. Please send me an email to with your contact info and I’ll call.

      Best Regards, Jack Spencer

  2. Lloyd Chambers

    This is something I did in the past but never had the time because I am doing something else, but I am seriously want to try it again.

  3. Jack,

    I currently own a real estate brokerage (for steady income) and a freind of mine recntly opend a local music store, recording studio, and genereal place to get equipment and lessons.

    I am wondering about getting older , smaller acts into the beach venues around Clearwater Beach, I want to bring back some older artists like Billy Squier,The Cars, etc booked at local beach bars, or smaller venues that seat 2000 to 7000 people. Can you offer guidance on this? No issue buying your course, if it will make sense to do so. For example, Vanilla Ice PACKS the beach bars every year around spring break. Have considered opening “Beach Rock” cafes like Planet Hollywoods, but I don’t want the restaurant management hassles, so promoter seems more logical.

    1. Rick, sounds like a ripe opportunity there…! Vintage acts can do very, very well for you if bought properly and promoted efficiently especially at a built in audience like you have at this location. Please email me at and let’s talk when convenient!

      Very Best, Jack Spencer

  4. I purchased this great course 3 years ago.
    I have promoted Christian and Country music shows
    I am proud to say if I have a question Jack is just a email away.
    He has helped me tremendously over the years.
    Buying this course was one of the best investments that I have made.
    Thank you Jack for all your help.

    1. Thank you Joel! It’s a pleasure to have been a part of your success. Congrats on all your successes so far and I know many more will come your way. Good luck with your Fall and Winter series of concerts. Take good care, Jack

  5. I would like to know do you know any promoters help bring in a Christian concert to Kansas city, mo you can call me at 404 750 2773 my name is Beverly Jackson

    1. Beverly, good morning!

      Beverly, be glad to try and assist you….!
      I’m in the middle of my Holiday concert season right now…
      Could you email me the details and then let’s talk.
      My email is

      Thank you and have a blessed Holiday Season!

      Best Regards, Jack Spencer

    1. Eliza, good question! Sorry for my tardy response but been busy with summer Shows. It only depends on what level of concert you want to promote. Starting out, I recommend you promote Events that you can afford too… a small Club concert can cost under $1,000 for a up and coming local and regional act.
      Once you have done a few of these and gotten the experience, perhaps you move into the $5-10,000 level of Concerts and have a few investor partners aboard to share the risk. I cover how to do that in my Course and suggest you follow that strategy. You Jack Spencer

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