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Kickstart Your Career as a Concert Promoter

We have designed four different levels of Concert Promoter Courses. Each level is a “nuts and bolts” home study. They present step-by-step, start-to-finish instructions to prepare you for your new Concert Promoter career.

It is up to you to decide which level of concert promoter course study best applies to your personal needs and experiences. Our primary system (Silver Course) is an excellent basic course for a new concert promoter. We have added features to the Gold Course. This is for those who want extra help on their recent concert promoter career path. Our latest product is the Platinum Course. It is the ultimate in information and direction for becoming a successful Concert Promoter. I strongly recommend the Platinum Course, especially for the mentoring you receive from me and my staff.

If you follow our course system correctly, you will be ready to book your first concert as a Concert Promoter in less than two weeks!

Remember, Spencer Concert Systems is the real thing. We were the first, and we are the best. Spencer Concert Systems is an award-winning website, and our concert courses have won many honors, awards, and acclaim in the industry. We are always honored to receive prizes and awards from veteran Concert Promoter associations, booking agents, music acts, and music professors from many colleges who use our courses.

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