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Concert Promoters Testimonials

We treat every client like family. We want you to succeed in the Concert Promoting Business. Because when you succeed, we succeed. And the cycle continues.

"I ordered the Platinum Course two years ago and still refer back to it almost every Concert I promote. [I] have done eight Concerts thus far and, made money on six of them.

Without the Spencer Concert Systems Course, I would never have learned how to do it right. I heartily endorse this Course."
Justin Seirra
Long Beach, California
“Living here in Puerto Rico, I didn’t know if I could do this or not. The people at Spencer Concert Systems helped me get started and Mr. Spencer has personally coached me on my first two concerts.

That was four years ago, [and] I hope to do eleven Concerts this upcoming season! Very exciting? Thank you for helping me get started.”
Carlos Lopez II
Puerto Rico
“For me, having the backup of my Course and the knowledge that I can call and discuss specific aspects of my Concerts is a huge help to me.

[Because of this] I have been promoting now for 18 months and love it. I recommend this Course to anyone who is going to promote Concerts.”
Susan Jenkins
Jacksonville, Florida
“Spencer Concert Systems has been a big help to me and saved me [from] making costly mistakes on offering too much for certain bands I wanted to promote in Concert.

My new company has promoted ten Concerts at the Club and Theatre level so far and I love the business! What a fun and cool way to make money!”
Jeffrey Heinrich
Boston, Massachusetts
“In my area, there wasn’t really anyone doing Concerts. We had to go to Fargo to see shows. Now that I bought the Course. I learned it really is pretty easy to book shows. I watch my budgets that are set up from the Course for each level of Concert and take it from there. Most exciting thing I’ve ever done. Thank you!”
Paul Sommerville
Bismarck, North Dakota

Concert Promoters Testimonials

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